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Other Financial Planning


In addition to the financial planning services mentioned elsewhere on our site we can provide services related to the following:

Credit & Financing

Negotiate unsecured lines of credit or home equity loans.

Pension Distribution Planning

Review your pension alternatives and help decide on lump-sum versus annuity payouts from qualified plans. Advise you on how to maximize after-tax dollars realized from retirement plans.

Social Security Entitlements

Examine your social security benefits, determine the amount of benefits you are entitled to receive and the age at which retirement payments should begin.

Employee Benefits Review

Examine your employer benefit package, explain the value of qualified plans to you and help you choose from among defined benefit, defined contribution, and cash-or-deferred arrangements.

Premarital Financial Counseling

Clarify your financial objectives and your proposed partner's objectives. Identify what assets are owned by each. Identify each partner's attitudes and habits with respect to budgeting, saving, spending, and investing. Review each partner's approach to sharing future earnings. Identify each partner's objective for building wealth, controlling and managing their estate.

Divorce Financial Planning

Assist in the valuation of assets to bring about an equitable property division. Provide cash management, investment, and other financial planning advice.

Charitable Giving Planning

Determine whether charitable giving can maximize tax advantages. Review the applicability of deferred giving, gifts, split-interest arrangements, charitable trusts, and private foundations.


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