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Information Technology Networks



bulletImprove productivity in your daily operations - Information can be sorted, analyzed, and shared more easily.
bulletMore economical - store large amounts of information in a small space.
bulletIncrease your bottom line - you concentrate on your business while we attend to getting your system up and running.

Professional Services & Capabilities

Information Technology Strategic Planning

Planning for a technology system is critical for achieving a successful network system installation. Without a well thought out plan you face the risk of making very expensive mistakes, demoralizing your employees, and endangering the very survival of your business.

When you partner with TMLG, you capitalize on our experience to help you develop an Information Technology Strategic Plan that will provide you with a successful network solution to support your business goals and objectives.

System Review, Analysis, and Design

Our process is to gather enough information to formulate specific requirements for evaluating and selecting an appropriate network structure for your operations. We perform an analysis of your current business operations that must be accomplished through the network, and review your future business's expectations of a new system.

Software & Hardware Implementation and Support

Installing network software and hardware can be time-consuming and overwhelming for your staff. Your staff may not understand the installation work or not be able to do the installation because they must perform their regular jobs. Our team can provide your staff with an understanding of the necessary components of the system then over time move more and more system responsibilities to your staff. 


Some basic knowledge is required to take full advantage of your network. Our staff can provide your personnel with the needed network software and hardware training.

DSL Installation and Configuration

TMLG can install and configure your high-speed connection for Internet access through your network.


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