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Accounting & Business System Solutions

A leading cause of business failure is inadequate recordkeeping. An automated system can provide you with the information you need to manage your business. Getting the best accounting solution for your business is important, since hundreds of accounting software packages are available.

Key Benefits

bulletProfessional Independent Advice - Professional CPA's, Management Information Executives, and/or Computer Specialists work with you to evaluate your company's accounting needs to determine the best accounting system for your particular operation. 
bulletIncreased Revenue - Capture revenue lost through poor recordkkeeping. 
bulletIncreased Efficiency & Profit - Eliminate double posting and keeping multiple records.


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Some Accounting System Installation Facts

Why Do Accounting System Installations Fail?

The number one reason for accounting system installation failure is due to the lack of accounting knowledge and computer experience of the individual who operates the system.

How Long Does it Take to Install an Accounting System?

Depending on the complexity of the business operations, installations can take 60 days to 18 months.

How Much Will Accounting Software Cost?

Accounting software ranges from as little as $49.00 to several hundred thousand dollars for a larger system. Less expensive packages often do not offer the full-featured solution required to meet the complex needs of more complex operations. A small to medium-sized business or organization can expect to pay between $795.00 to $1,000.00 per module.

What You Can Expect to Pay For Consulting Fees?

Again, depending on the amount of time to setup the software, the amount of staff training required, the conditions of the accounting records, the hardware configurations, and the amount of accounting work needed will determine the consulting fees. Fees typically start at $400.00, with the average fees running approx. 2.5 time the accounting software cost.

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Professional Services


Initial Meeting


System Review, Analysis, and Design


Software & Hardware Selection


Software & Hardware Implementation


Testing & Training


Maintenance & Support


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