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Benefits of Being on the Internet


You provide information about your products and services. New products, services, and special promotions can be easily developed, changed and communicated to world.


Your present and new clients can communicate with you.

Cost Effective

Space on the Internet is far less costly than space in a magazine or newspaper.

Improved Stature

Improve your community image as a leading-edge business or organization. Raise awareness in the community about your business or organization.


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bulletWebsite creation and implementation services.
bulletPublish your website to the Internet using the ISP of your choice.
bulletScanning your existing logo and/or material needed for your site.
bulletRegister your site with leading "search engines".

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Website Base Package

Website Base Package start at $595 and includes up to 5 pages and 5 images. Other charges to host your site and monthly ISP charges are not included.

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Site Maintenance & Larger Sites

Site maintenance and creation of larger sites available upon request.


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