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 Information Technology Strategic Planning



Why Technology Planning

Whether your a small business or large organization, whether you produce a product or provide a service, you need a strategic plan. A plan that evaluates your needs, identifies your business processes, establishes your priorities, and matches your business goals with current and evolving technologies.

Planning Benefits

bulletCost effective - a well planned network system design, rollout, testing, training, and support will eliminate costly mistakes in software and hardware choices.
bulletImprove project success - identify bottlenecks, manpower requirements, and organizational needs prior to rollout.
bulletOptimize productivity - plan utilization of organizational resources (money and manpower) more effectively. 
bulletEliminate incompatibility issues - looking at the big picture eliminates tunnel vision and self-serving outcomes.
bulletEliminate management and employee subversion - employees have some ownership in the project.

The Mance Leahy Group Technology Strategies

Our approach can be stated simply as identifying where your organization's technology is currently, where it needs to be, and how we as team are going to get there. A sampling of some strategic issues addressed are:

bulletDevelop a work plan to identify the necessary tasks to enable their logical organized completion.
bulletAnalyze current system weaknesses and problems.
bulletCharacterize management's plans and expectation.
bulletEvaluate application needs of the organization and how technology will meet the needs.
bulletEvaluate data, develop specific system requirements, and prepare a needs definition.
bulletPrioritize organizational needs.


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