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Eldercare Services




We can provide a variety of services in the care of elderly individuals. Services can be as simple as conducting routine banking transactions or as complex as selecting and overseeing long-term care providers. 


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bulletIndependence And Objectivity To Problems - which brings another level of assurance or comfort to the elderly person and family members.
bulletReceive The Benefits To Which You Are Entitled To - professional assistance in working through the maze of federal health care regulations.
bulletImprove Family Relationships And Priorities - relief from being sandwiched between the needs of your dependent children on one hand, and the needs of parents, in-laws and/or relatives on the other.


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Professional Services & Capabilities

bulletIdentify resources from you, your family and/or the community.
bulletArranging and coordinating visits by health care providers.
bulletProviding cash management services (bill paying, statement reconciliation, etc.).
bulletMonitoring investments.
bulletIdentify groups and/or educational programs in your community that offer support to families of ill or dependent elders.
bulletArranging for transportation and personal services.
bulletReviewing retirement benefits and insurance coverage.
bulletReferring and coordinating legal and insurance services.
bulletAssisting in home management.

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