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Business Valuation


A business valuation is a structured process designed to quantify the "value" of a business interest for a defined purpose. A valuation generally involves estimating the value of a business as a whole. 


Reasons For A Business Valuation

bulletInsurance settlements - fire, accidents, etc.
bulletEstate and gift tax planning.
bulletLitigation or negotiation with the IRS in estate matters.
bulletPending divorce or property distribution.
bulletBusiness and financial planning.
bulletStructuring buy-sell agreements.
bulletBuying or selling a business.
bulletSuccession planning
bulletRestructuring or recapitalizing a business.
bulletEstablishing an Employee Stock Option Plan.


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Key Benefits

bulletEstablish the "Fair Market Value" of your investment.
bulletDetermine a reasonable value of a business.
bulletThird-party objectivity.
bulletMake informed business decisions.


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Forms of Valuation


This is the simplest form of valuation. A letter with minimal supporting documentation and analysis, approx. 1 to 2 pages in length. Valuation is prepared from your completed financial records. This valuation should only be used to establish a benchmark or approximate value . Fees normally range between $495 and $695.


This is a more comprehensive valuation. The valuation includes description of the business and financial analysis. The report is approx. 8  to 12 pages. Valuation is prepared from your completed financial records. Fees normally range between $995 and $1,995.


When valuing your business or assets, it is important that all relevant information is analyzed so that you get the full value of your assets.

Our comprehensive valuation report provides you with these resources. It includes description of business, historical financial statements, financial analysis, projections, application of multiple valuation methods, and supporting documentation. Fees begin at $2,500.


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