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Payroll & Payroll Taxes



Your Time Is Money.

bulletSpend your valuable time in building sales revenue and company profits.
bulletDevote time to managing your business.
bulletWhy not enjoy more quality time with your family and friends?

Cost Effective.

bulletEliminates the cost of full-time employees.
bulletOnly pay for the amount of time it takes to process your payroll records.
bulletDon't have to keep employee on payroll in slow times.

Eliminate Employee Overhead.

bulletNever need to be concerned with employee compensation, insurances and benefits.
bulletWorried about having enough work for payroll clerk.

Eliminate Risk.

bulletSomeone trained & experienced in preparing payroll.
bulletProper filings with the federal and state agencies.
bulletMaking your payroll deposits on time.

Other Benefits.

bulletNo contracts or agreements to sign like the other payroll processing centers.
bulletSimple - no complicated forms to fill out or follow to process your payroll.
bulletSimple easy payroll reports  - not pages and pages of reports that mean nothing.

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Payroll Services

Payroll Processing

bulletRecord payroll hours and process payroll for each period.
bulletPayroll checks ready for your signature and distribution.
bulletEmployee earnings statements showing current pay period and year-to-date wages, taxes, deductions, and adjustments.
bulletPayroll registers with current payroll information.
bulletTax liability and deposit requirements for federal and state agencies.

Payroll Tax Reporting

bulletFederal and State tax deposit requirements
bulletFederal 941 report.
bulletState unemployment reports.
bulletEmployee W-2's
bullet1099's for subcontractors, interest and misc. recepients.
bulletFederal W-3 withholding report.
bulletFederal 940 unemployment report.


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