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Personal Issues

College Education

bulletHow am I going to pay for my kids college education? 
bulletAre there any scholarships available to me and my children?
bulletAm I eligible for financial aid?


bulletWhat can I do to get out of debt?
bulletHow can I reduce my expenses?


bulletWhat is my share of the property worth?
bulletWhat is my net worth?
bulletWhat are my living expenses?
bulletWhat is my net disposable income?


bulletHow can I leave more for more children?
bulletWould should I do to protect my family from estate taxes?

Financial Independence

bulletHow come my friends always seem to have money?
bulletWhat am I worth?
bulletWhere should I put my money?
bulletHow do I make money last a lifetime?

Financial Resource

bulletHow can I make more money?
bulletWhere does my money go?


bulletShould I refinance my home?
bulletCan I afford this home?


bulletHow do I protect my business from disaster?
bulletAm I spending my dollars wisely?


bulletIs my mutual fund safe?
bulletShould I invest in a bond or stock fund?
bulletAre individual stocks better for me?


bulletHow to retire sooner with more?
bulletHow much will I need?
bulletShould I accept early retirement?

Social Security Benefits

bulletWhat are my benefits?
bulletAm I getting all my benefits?


bulletWhy do I owe the IRS?
bulletWhat can I do to reduce my income taxes?
bulletWhat should I do if the IRS request my presence at an audit?

Your Dreams and Ideas

bulletI would like to get a bigger house?
bulletHow do I start a new business?

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