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TMLG's Guide To Reduce Your Professional Fees



Keep Your Records Organized

Unorganized and haphazard records cause you and us more headaches and money. Searching for papers, missing records, misplaced statements, sloppy recording, and trying to recreate events months old only increase cost.

Adequate Recordkeeping Systems

Running your business operations is a time consuming process with trying to develop sales, deliver products and services, and tracking everything. If your business is simple, use a simple recordkeeping system; however, don't try to manage a bigger business with an inadequate recordkeeping system. A properly sized accounting system will pay for itself many times over.

Know Your Limitations

Trying to do accounting, systems installations, financial planning, and the many other business services that you're unfamiliar with or think you can do is a very expense lesson. In most cases you spend hours trying to perform the work thinking your saving money; but in reality, you lost valuable time that could have been used elsewhere and the records are in such a mess that they will need to be redone.

Remember CPA's, accountants, tax professionals, business executives, information technology technicians, etc. spend thousands of dollars to attend many hours and years of school to hone their skills. It's hard to imagine that you could even expect to be as proficient in their fields.

Seek Early Guidance

Ask us for advice and/or assistance before you enter into any financial agreements. Your business, financial, and tax planning options are limited and may be even costly to either correct, maintain or absorb after the transaction is signed.

Follow Advice Given

You paid for our advice, so listen to the advice and use it to make decisions. The advice given is based on past experience, research and/or from the continuing education. Not following the advice may cause complication to develop in the future and create additional expenses to correct.

Stay Informed

Read books, articles, journals and newsletters on financial information to stay informed on your particular situation. A better understanding of simple issues will save you from seeking our advice on every little thing. However, we will always be available to assist you with solutions to your problems.

Communicate With Us

Lack of communication usually leads to misunderstanding, poor management, and poor advice. We need to know your goals and objectives so we can provide you with the appropriate solutions to accomplish those goals and objectives.

And Remember . . 

Your success

                    is the most important reason for us

                                                                                    to be in business.


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