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Business Issues

Budgeting & Forecasting


Do I have enough money to purchase new equipment?


Can I add another employee?


How much should I charge for these products?

Business Structure

bulletWhat business entity is best for my situation?
bulletIs a Sole Proprietorship, Limited Liability Company, Partnership or a Corporation better for me?

Financial Management

bulletDo we have potential areas of fraud and abuse?
bulletHow is our actual income and expenses compared to our projected income and expenses
bulletHow much money are we making on each job?
bulletAre we capturing all the costs?


bulletWhere can I borrow money?
bulletDo I need a line of credit and how do I get one?
bulletHow can I structure my business to obtain the best financing?  


bulletWhy isn't my business growing?
bulletAm I growing too fast?

Information Technology (IT)

bulletWhat are the advantages and disadvantages of implementing information technology?
bulletHow do I get my business on the Web?
bulletDo I need to be in e-commerce and on the Web?
bulletWhat can I do to improve information technology security? 

Improvement Strategies

bulletWhat operational strategies should I implement to improve my business?
bulletHow can I reduce costs?
bulletIs outsourcing a viable option for my organization? 

Mergers, Acquisitions & Selling

bulletWhat is the selling price for my business?
bulletAm I paying too much for that product line or business?
bulletWhat hidden problems am I buying?


bulletWould my business be more successful if I concentrated on the things that I do best and outsource the rest?
bulletIs this better than hiring full time employees?
bulletDo I have the time to train an employee?

Owners/Stockholders Equity

bulletWhat is my business worth?
bulletHow much is my stock worth?
bulletWhat is the cost of a partner's buy-in?

Personnel Management

bulletWhat are the benefits of having a Policy & Procedures Manual?
bulletWhat is my exposure with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission?
bulletShould I offer a pension plan?

Profit Improvement

bulletMaybe I should raise the price on our products?
bulletShould our organization promote activities that encourage team atmosphere?
bulletHow can we monitor and control costs?

Sales & Marketing

bulletWhere is my market?
bulletDo I have customers and will they buy my product?
bulletWhat are my customers saying about my products?


bulletDo you think we can start without money?
bulletWhat action items do we need to implement to get off on the right foot?


bulletWhat should I do to keep my tax bill as low as legally possible?
bulletDo we have adequate documentation for compliance with federal and state tax regulations?


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