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Governments & Nonprofit Organizations


Our firm accounting, audit and consulting services for governments and nonprofit organizations since 1991.  Our experience has included municipalities, school districts, nonprofits, charter schools, fire districts, and insurance trusts.

Our firm successful passed the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) Peer Review program.



Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit organizations require complex accounting and reporting to meet the many filing requirements of various government agencies. The organization's tax exempt status and survival can be seriously effected by improper fund raising, misuse of funds, inappropriate expenses, and poor financial records.

Your organization's compliance with these various government agencies can be time consuming and sometimes overwhelming. However, the professionals at The Mance Leahy Group can assist your organization in meeting the government requirements while improving the organization's capability to serve the community.

Professional Accounting and Auditing Services

bulletBookkeeping and accounting services.
bulletAssistance with personnel and human resource issues.
bulletDesign, install, train and support your organization's fund accounting system.
bulletAssist in establishing and maintaining nonprofit organization status.
bulletDevelopment of personnel and accounting procedures and manuals.
bulletEducational and training sessions for management and board of trustees.
bulletDeveloping budgets.
bulletPrepare strategic plans to assist your organization in focusing on its goals and objectives.

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