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Farm financial management requires the development of a timely and comprehensive accounting system to properly accumulate, measure, appraise, regulate, monitor, and control the farming process.

The Mance Leahy Group understands the business of farming. Equipment, property, stock, seed, fertilizer, and other operating acquisitions are essential elements in the operations of your farm and require proper forecasting and resource planning to manage short and long term funds for the success of your farming operation.

Financial management is critical to optimize farm resources and maximize your farm's profits.

Range of Financial Services

bulletBookkeeping - paying bills, prepare payroll checks, preparing payroll tax reports, reconcile cash books, crop and dairy payment reconciliation, etc.
bulletFinancial & Accounting - prepare monthly financial statements to satisfy the requirements of lenders and lessors.
bulletInformation Systems - designing, setup, installation, training and support of a computerized accounting and financial management system.
bulletBusiness Succession - plan for the eventual transition of the farm property to the next generation.
bulletIncome Tax Management - prepare tax returns, tax planning, and tax strategies to limit the tax burden.
bulletBudgeting & Planning - prepare operating budgets, equipment planning, and develop short and long term strategies.
bulletFinancing  Proposals - identification, proposal preparation and acquisition of financing for short, medium, and long term needs.

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